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Erica Cubica

Erica Cubica is an erect evergreen shrub, and grows quite densely, up to ± 450 mm tall. Leaves are linear and hairless, and very variable in size and setting. The branch tips present the flowers in umbels (a group of flowers in an inflorescence where the divergent stalks rise from the same point).


A great filler, bringing large volume, as well as colour to any arrangement or bouquet.

Vase Life:

14 - 21 days

Packaging Rates:
  • Packed 10 stems a bunch
  • 40cm – 300 stems per S14 carton
  • 40cm - 600 stems per S22 carton
  • 50cm – 300 stems per S14 carton
  • 50cm - 600 stems per S22 carton

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